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Vintage Transmission Repair La Habra CA

La Habra Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair La Habra CA

Automatic Transmission

Each Rebuilt Automatic Transmission passes a series of rigorous tests before it goes into your vehicle. Overbey Transmissions are calibrated for your specific vehicle to maintain its original ride performance. And new engineering enhancements are incorporated into our Rebuilt Transmissions, to insure years of trouble-free operation–backed by a 24-month/40,000 mile warranty.

Ford Transmission Repair La Habra CA Chevy Transmission Repair La Habra CA Jeep Transmission Repair La Habra CA Chrysler Transmission Repair La Habra CA

Remanufactured Transmissions

All of our Remanufactured Transmissions are dealer certified and come with warranties facilitated by any dealer in the United States.

Commercial Truck Trasmission Rebuilds La Habra CA

Commercial Trucks

We know that when your commercial truck is down your company is not making money. We will prioritize the repairs for your truck with an effort to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Transmission Conversion La Habra CA

Transmission Conversion

All of our Transmission conversions are completed with meticulous care. We can also engineer your differential for optimum power band.

Vintage Transmission Repair La Habra CA

Vintage Transmissions

We do everything from rebuilding your original transmission to installing an overdrive transmission. Call make an appointment and talk to me. We’ll sit and talk about your options plus you get to see what a nice shop we have. We handle your car with extreme care. Here is a list of just a few we've serviced:

Eco Friendly Auto Repair Shop La Habra CA

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